Critical Window Protection for Wind & Hurricane...
Protect the envelope of your building - Despite disaster   resistant building codes, severe weather such as   windstorms and hurricanes can breach the envelope of   buildings and reeks havoc on properties every year as-well-  as, cause serious damage injury to occupants and   bystanders. Much of this destruction is due to the weakest   link of your building...your glass windows!
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Wind-Borne Debris...

- Passive Protection 24/7
-  Holds dangerous shards  together
- Requires no storage
- Professionally Installed
- Available in Clear or tinted version for energy efficiency

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A Clear Solution...
GlassLock offers a heavy duty polyester security film which is bonded to the glass with special adhesives. When installed on the interior of new or exiting glass can provide a virtually invisible force that helps hold glass shards together should it break due to high winds, dramatically reducing the damage caused by flying glass.

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