RF / IR Attenuation
GlassLock's SpyGuard Technology provides customized film, glass  and architectural surfaces for radio frequency (RF) Electromagnetic  Interference (EMI) attenuation / eavesdropping countermeasures /   wireless security as-well-as blast hazard reduction for physical  security concerns.

Tested at the highest government  levels and proven to mitigate  many forms of electronic eavesdropping, SpyGuard products provide  Tempest and Wireless security requirements mitigation. Also  available in Fragment Retention Film (FRF) and laminated glass  configurations, SpyGuard can provide total physical protection and  information security in one installation

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GAO Report:
(May 2005) GAO report concerning wireless security disclosed the ease of gaining access to over 1,000 wireless networks with in a 15 block area in Washington DC with just a common network scanner. Significant "signal leakage" (wireless network signals traveling beyond an organization's perimeter) allowed for unauthorized eavesdropping
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Radio Frequency Attenuation:
SpyGuard glass and architectural surface coatings have been approved and installed at the highest levels of Government security operations as-well-as in private and commercial applications where RF / IR signals can be intercepted and processed

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