Uncompromised Security & Enhanced   Window Protection...
Recognized as one of the industry leader in the use and   installation of Security Window Film as well as security   glazing product retrofits for controlling glass failure caused   by bomb blast, windstorm, earthquakes, spontaneous   glass  failure and forced entry. With years of developing , testing and installing security glazing products to meet    Government Specifications GlassLock can meet all your   protective glazing requirements.



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Standing UP To The Test...
1996 GlassLock conducted blast tests in accordance with the first draft of the GSA/ISC Glazing Hazard Criteria. Before these initial tests there was only anecdotal information regarding the use of Security Film for glass hazard reduction from bomb blast...

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The Engineered and tested products are just part of the GlassLock Customer Service. Offering total Turnkey-solutions GlassLock addresses the uniqueness of each client's site requirements.

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