Blast Protection and Physical Security -  GlassLock BlastBlind Secondary Catch-Cable  Systems...

GlassLock BlastBlind offers a wide variety of retrofit solutions  for buildings of architectural and of historical significance.  Finite  Element models of BlastBlind Systems are available to match the  geometry and construction of typical windows within a facility.

GlassLock's BlastBlind have shown to provide significant  protection while preserving the physical nature and appearance  of historical windows.

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Analysis & Design...

BlastBlind are analyzed using LS-DYNA, a non-linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) program developed by the Livermore Software Technology Corporation.

BlastBlinds can be fabricated to look like any standard window blind product or vintage venation type of window treatment for buildings that have a historical significance. 

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ISC / UFC Design Criteria:

BlastBlind act as a catcher system rather than attempting to retain the glass in the frame. As a result, the intent of the Criteria's can be met by ensuring the BlastBlind can adequately catch the glass from the design load and transfer the resulting reactions into the structure without failure of key components of the system structure

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