Security Films & Anchoring (Attachment) Systems....

GlassLock offer two different types of anchoring systems: a  mechanical system that uses extruded aluminum batten for   attaching the security film to the window frame, a structural   adhesive system.

Often fragment retention film / security film is applied directly to the surface of a window to reduce glass fragments and to increase the overall performance of the glass. Anchoring to the frames helps keep the glass shards and security film in the window opening (depending on the size of device / blast) and significantly reduces glass hazard due to those events.

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Mechanical Systems...
The film is anchored there with an aggressive transfer adhesive. The base-plate is bolted to the window frame, mechanically securing the film and glass in place.

A cosmetic cap (anodized or painted to match the frame) is installed to cover the screws, base-plate and film, and a vinyl gasket is added to provide a clean sharp appearance. The finished installation becomes part of the window system and is virtually invisible to building occupants

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Structural Adhesive Systems
With the structural adhesive system the gaskets on the existing window unit are removed or cut to allow adhesive to extrude into the frames' rebate. The FRF is applied to the glass and allowed to dry. Next, a black architectural structural hardening adhesive is applied over the film, over the existing frame, and into the frame rebate.

Note; Every installation configuration is specific to the requirements of the site.

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