Enhancing Safety & Energy Savings...

GlassLock energy efficient window   films gives your  windows added insulation value to   help   increase  comfort and reduce energy   consumption.  In warm  weather, GlassLock sun   control    window films block  out up to 79% of the sun's   heat  at    the window surface  to help reduce air  conditioning    costs.

Improved HVAC Efficiency - The use of more    environmentally safe refrigerants for commercial    chillers will cause a cooling dilemma. Chiller   conversions will experience a loss in cooling capacity,   and an efficiency drop that could reach 15%. GlassLock   window film cuts heat gain from 19% to 76%, the   chillers   capacity loss can be offset
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Up to 79% Heat Rejection...

- Reduce HVAC Costs
- Reduce eye and glare discomfort
- Increase personal safety from flying glass hazards
- Allows you insulate your windows and yet keep your view.
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Improved Aesthetics...
Viewed from the outside, GlassLock window film disguises the clutter and disarray of half-drawn drapes and blinds, non-uniform furniture placement and uneven lighting, and provides an economical way to make your building more attractive and more valuable. A complete selection of films that vary in color, density and heat rejection qualities, offers your building the ideal balance of aesthetic and performance.

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